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Tony Kitt lives in Dublin, Ireland. His family hails from County Mayo in the West of Ireland, as well as from Tuscany, Greece, and Poland. He has a background in biology, Celtic studies, and classical music, and has worked as a researcher, a journalist, and a creative writing tutor.

His poetry collection entitled Endurable Infinity has been published by Pittsburgh University Press in the Pitt Series in autumn 2022. His poetry chapbook entitled The Magic Phlute has been brought out by SurVision Books (Dublin, Ireland) in 2019.

Endurable Infinity

His poems also appear in such magazines as Oxford Poetry, The North, Plume, Poetry Ireland Review, The Prague Revue, Cyphers, Under the Radar, The American Journal of Poetry, Stride, etc., as well as in a number of anthologies. They have also been translated into Italian, Romanian, and Ukrainian. He edited the anthology entitled Invasion: Ukrainian Poems about the War (SurVision Books, 2022).

Tony Kitt performed at many festivals across Europe, e.g. in the UK (Manchester, Exeter, Glasgow, Belfast), Germany (Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich), France (Paris), Belgium (Ghent, Liege), Finland (Helsinki, Turku, Lahti), Italy (Rome, Naples, Tuscany), Switzerland (Lausanne, Morges), Croatia (Zagreb, Zadar), Macedonia (Struga), Slovenia (Vilenica), Romania (Craiova, Targu Jiu), Montenegro (Podgorica), Ukraine (Donetsk), and in many Irish towns and cities. In 2003, he won the Maria Edgeworth Poetry Prize.

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