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Endurable Infinity (Pittsburgh University Press, 2022). The Pitt Poetry Series.
ISBN 978-0-8229669-51.
Trade paperback. 88 pp. 6"x9", perfect binding.
Reviewed here.

The Magic Phlute (SurVision Books, 2019). Series: New Poetics / Ireland
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ISBN 978-1-912963-08-9.
Trade paperback. 34 pp. 5.8"x8.3", perfect binding.
Reviewed here.

Further Through Time (Origami Poems Project, USA, 2022).
A chapbook. Offered for free download by the publishers.

Invasion: Ukrainian Poems about the War (SurVision Books, 2022; edited by).
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ISBN 978-1-912963-32-4.
Trade paperback. 90 pp. 5.8"x8.3", perfect binding.

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